Tre Tucker, a reach?


Tre Tucker, a reach?

Hello RaiderNation!! Today I want to talk about who generally everyone felt was our first big reach in our recent draft, Tre Tucker. Up to that point, most everyone was OK with the players we drafted. Tyree Wilson considered to be one of the top defenders in this draft class, Michael Mayer considered by some the best tight end in the draft, but by most either a top two or three, and Byron Young who was not considered so much a reach in talent as he was for the need in the position he played. There were many who would have rather taken a corner or linebacker here, but in actuality, defensive lineman was more of an area of need than the other two.

But then we get around to the pick we got from the Giants for Waller, and the Raiders take a receiver. A receiver? With the receivers we already have signed, that is the last thing we need! Right? We still hadn’t taken a linebacker, they still hadn’t taken a corner, and most of the best ones were off the board already.

Here is one thing I don’t think many of us are taking into consideration. The Raiders board does not necessarily look anything like the boards we were using to judge the picks. The first thing I would mention to you, think back, after each and every game this year, what is one of the first things that McDaniel’s would say? How about “We need to get better in the kick and punt return game.” Like I said, he said that every single week and this was something that was very important to him. In 50 games, he handled 5 punts for a total of 43 yards for an 8.6 yard average, and 67 kick returns for 1,670 yards for a 24.9 yard average and 2 TD’s. But it wasn’t until he went to the Senior bowl when he really caught the Raiders’ eye. Of course you can say that for several of the players there as there were 5 that were drafted by us, Byron Young, Tre Tucker, Jakorian Bennett, Christopher Smith II and Nesta Jade Silvera. The fact that we had only 9 draft picks overall, the fact the 5 of them were from the Senior bowl must tell you they really liked what they saw there. The coaches were quick to speak about Tucker’s straight-line speed, and his ability to quickly change direction. Add to this, the kid is an awesome gunner, able to get down the field quickly and not afraid to lay a hit. Add to this that Ziegler already knew of this kid and that he was a wrestler, and that means strength. So it is easy for me to see how they could possibly value this kid that highly. Possible solution to the kick return issue, a wideout with insane speed, and cutback ability, replacing Devante Adams on the jet sweeps (please let that one be true, I am tired of seeing him get dropped for a loss). Lets take a quick look at his college stats. 111 rec., 1426 yards, 12.8 yard avg., 8 TD’s 15 rushes, 138 yards, 9.2 yard avg. Take a look at that last stat again. 9.2 yards per rush avg. Sure, this is not the NFL he was playing in but still, that is damn good.

I will admit, I was probably one of the first to say, why another receiver? That is the last thing we need. I mean, we already had Devante Adams, Jakobi Meyers, Hunter Renfrow, Deandre Carter, Keelan Cole, Phillip Dorsett, and DJ Turner (and 3 more now). We have more receivers than we have spots on the rosters for them. After the Raiders recently signed yet another receiver, Todd Simmons, a content creator that I follow, SanjitT posted a video that really struck me. (If you don’t already follow SanjitT I would highly recommend that you do! You can follow him on Youtube @SanjitT) Here is a link to the video:

I never even thought about this, but he was absolutely right. Why be satisfied with what you have? Why wouldn’t you constantly be looking for something better? Why would you leave one stone unturned? If you want to have the best of the best, you can’t leave a stone unturned. It seems McDaniels’ and Ziegler are doing their very best to do just that.

It remains to be seen what we will get out of Tucker, but even if he is just the answer to our poor kick and punt returns, I would say it was a success. If he can get 97 yard returns for touchdowns, I would be ecstatic!! If he and Renfrow team up and tear up the league I will be jumping up and down. If he doesn’t do much of anything, it certainly won’t be the worst late 3rd round draft pick we have ever drafted. So what do you think RaiderNation? Leave me a comment below. Peace out!!

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