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Shout out to all my Raider brothers and sisters out there! Today I am stepping a bit out of my comfort zone by talking about a controversial topic among Raider fans. Let me start off by saying, RaiderNation is more than just a fanbase, it is a brotherhood. We are all Raider fans for life, we all bleed silver and black, and we all have each other’s back, or at least until recently.

Secondly, let me say that I am not writing this to stir up anger. I am writing this in hopes to help mend the rift that has developed in RaiderNation over the past few years. This rift I am referring to is over Derek Carr. I don’t know how a player could become as polarizing as he has. There have been many players over the years that some loved and others hated, but nothing close to what it has been like with Carr. Here’s the thing though, Carr is now a Saint, so it is time to lay this to rest. If you hate Carr, well guess what, he can’t do anything to lose a game for us anymore. If you liked Carr, well this is the NFL and players move on from time to time. Many Raiders have left and gone to other teams.

Let me be clear here, I am not saying anything about Carr, bad or good, except that he is no longer a Raider and it is time we move on from him. It is time we stop posting about him. Look, I know a lot of this comes from these clickbait writers that just keep digging up this stuff, and anything new that comes along. But you know what? They do it because you respond to it. Guess what would happen if those posts went unread and were not responded to? They would eventually stop posting them. Why bother reading it? It is all stuff that shouldn’t matter to us, stuff designed to stir us up and get a big argument going on their post. They are baiting us and we are falling for it. They are trying to rip RaiderNation apart because we are the greatest fanbase in all of sports. Don’t let them!

You know, I have been a Raider fan since Lamonica was throwing bombs to Warren Wells. I have been through all of the ups and downs. Never in all of those years was RaiderNation divided over something such as this. Only you can change it. Just let it go. When someone posts something about Carr, fight the urge to respond and just let it go. Eventually it will go away, but it will take time. Only you can make the difference. Won’t you join me? Take care my Raider brethren, Peace out!!

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