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New Fair Catch Rule

Well it is good to be back after about a dozen years’ hiatus my Raider brothers and sisters, and let’s start by discussing a new rule change in the NFL. This new rule is set to last one year only (although it could be approved again next year and possibly made permanent). This rule I am referring to is of course the new Fair Catch Rule. This rule states on any kick off or free kick (you know, the kick you make after a safety) the receiver may call for and make a fair catch anywhere essentially between the 1 yard line and the 24 yard line and the ball will get placed at the 25 yardline. So if the kicker kicks-off and the returner is standing at the 1 yard line, he can call a fair catch and the ball will be placed at the 25. Of course, if the fair catch is called for beyond the 25, the ball will be paced at the spot of the catch unless there is a penalty on the play in which case the spot would be adjusted by the penalty. This rule was added in the name of safety in an effort to prevent concussions and other injuries caused by fast moving collisions between players. Here is the actual rule:

A couple of years ago this really wouldn’t have mattered to us. Carlson always put it in the endzone anyway so this would rarely be an issue except possibly if we had been penalized on the kickoff. But last year they started experimenting with Carlson kicking it high and just short of the endzone in an effort to make our opponents have to start deep in their own territory. The league even changed a rule which no longer allowed Carlson to use the top of the tee as the holder to prevent this. So now, it does us no good to kick it inside the 10 as all the returner must do is call a fair catch and the ball goes to the 25. It almost doesn’t make sense to kick it high and short except of course for the fact that there is always a possibility of fumbled reception of the kick. Look, I understand that this play is probably the most dangerous play in football. When 2 players running at top speed in opposite directions collide, there will always be the possibility of concussions or other serious injuries. We need to protect the players, but we are doing that with new and better equipment and that is the way we need to continue. Otherwise, what’s next? Two hand touch or flag football? Do we want the league to turn into games like the All Star game several months ago? Say it ain’t so!

So what do you think about all of this my Raider family? Let us know in the comments below. Is there anything else in particular you would like to hear from us, let that be known in the comments below as well! Peace out RaiderNation!!

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