My Two Cents: Numbers are not always what they appear to be


My Two Cents: Numbers are not always what they appear to be!

Hello RaiderNation! This article is about something near and dear to my heart, but then again anything Raiders related is near and dear to my heart. But today I want to talk about our all pro running back, Josh Jacobs, and more importantly, his lack of a contract.

I know there are many in RaiderNation that are angry with him, thinking he is being greedy and wants to break the bank so to speak. They hear someone say he was offered 12 million and that is all they need to make a decision. Well here is some information you should know before you decide how you feel about it. First off, it was never 12 million, it was approximately 12 million. Technically, 11.5 million is approximately 12 million. That is not to say that is was not 12 million.

More importantly, there was no mention of guarantees. This is where Jacobs was dissatisfied. They may have written a contract like Derek Carr’s where they could cut him after the first year. You know, every contract suggestion I have seen that seemed like a fair contract, was for 3 years with 22.2 million guaranteed. Why 22.2? Because that is how much he would make playing under the franchise tag for 2 years. But we haven’t heard any of this contract information, only that it was approximately 12 million. Newsflash, Raiders are not going to release any information that would make them look bad! So we can figure the number is actually somewhere between 11.5 million and 11.99 million. It is less than 12 million or else the would not have said about 12 million. But they say nothing about what is guaranteed. What did the Raiders really want? They wanted him to play on the Franchise tag, and if he did well again this year, to play on it again next year. But that is not what Jacobs wanted. Before you judge Jacobs, put yourself in his shoes and tell me which deal you would rather take 24 million with little or none guaranteed, or play on the franchise tag twice for a guaranteed 22.2 million? An extra 1.8 million is not worth blowing your knee out and not getting that money. What would you do? It looks to me that the Raiders got what they wanted and made themself look like the good guy,

Look, all I am saying is we should not be passing judgment on Josh Jacobs without knowing the whole story. We only know what one side wants us to know. Jacobs is not a greedy guy. This is a young man that lived out of a car part of his life. It is a guy who is a team captain and a guy who gives his all to the team. A guy who was willing to play under the tag if management were to used that money to bring in players that could lead us to the Superbowl. It is obvious that is not what Jacobs had in mind on upgrading the team. So all I am asking is to wait until you see the actual contract before you decide who you should be upset with. But honestly, I doubt we will ever know the details of it.

Mr. Jacobs, we hope you will play your career out here with the Raiders. Once a Raider, always a Raider.

That’s it for Old Timer today RaiderNation! Peace out!!

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