Jacobs is Finally Back

Hello RaiderNation! Wonderful news today!! Josh Jacobs is back!!! Announced earlier this morning, the Raiders signed Josh Jacobs to a 1 year (it could only be a 1 year deal since it is past the July 17th deadline) for $11.8 million, and

Preseason Week 1 Raiders vs Niners

Hello RaiderNation! Well week 1 of the preseason is in the books and the Raiders looked pretty damn good! Of course it was almost all 2nd and 3rd stringers (or 4th) but that is to be expected in the 1st game of

Al Davis the Legend

Al Davis, the Legend Hello RaiderNation!! Hope you are all enjoying yourselves over this holiday!! Seeing how July 4th is not only Independence day, but is also the day Al Davis was born, I thought it only fitting to write a post

RaiderNation, More Than Just a Fanbase!

Shout out to all my Raider brothers and sisters out there! Today I am stepping a bit out of my comfort zone by talking about a controversial topic among Raider fans. Let me start off by saying, RaiderNation is more than just

3 Yards and a Cloud of Dust

My Two Cents by OldTimer Hello RaiderNation! I suppose there are many of you who have never heard of the phrase “Three yards and a cloud of dust”. It was a concept or style of football attributed to the late great Ohio

Is Everything Going Well With McDaniel’s Plan

Hello RaiderNation! Let me say right away that this article is a satirical piece, meant purely to make you laugh. Anything in this article should be taken with a grain of salt. Let’s get right to it. McDaniel’s Plan Josh: Well Dave,

Rookie Class Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Rookie class Signed Sealed and Delivered! Hello RaiderNation! Well the last of the rookie class has signed his contract. Jakorian Bennett signed a 4 year $4.7 million deal and the Raiders have now signed the last of the rookie class. Here is

Tre Tucker, a reach?

Tre Tucker, a reach? Hello RaiderNation!! Today I want to talk about who generally everyone felt was our first big reach in our recent draft, Tre Tucker. Up to that point, most everyone was OK with the players we drafted. Tyree Wilson