SEO marketing strategies for your clients

SEO NewCreating a SEO marketing strategy includes thinking about your competition and providing specific recommendations. Here is a comprehensive strategy guide which you can use to improve your marketing performance.

Define your target audience

The first step in creating marketing campaigns should be to define your target market. This is the audience that will most likely use your products and services. Traditionally, a target audience is determined by several factors like demographic, age, sex, and needs.

You should start optimizing your content for your audience’s needs and avoid jumping into keyword search right away. Also, you should do keyword search that is based on what the audience wants and not merely on what the content of the site.

Categorize your keyword search

Start with general words to see what terms and keywords are popular with searches. You can also include other terms into your basic keywords. Be more creative in your keyword search by looking into what your competitors are using. This can also provide you with an insight in what other terms you can use for your own website.

Finding gaps and opportunities

Once you have chosen your keywords, it is time to highlight the ones that you feel are the most important. These terms can have high search volume or might be significant to the brand. Finding gaps and opportunities is basically looking into each search and finding out which might work for you. Gaps are areas on your site where you have the right content but your referral rates are very low. Opportunities are the areas where you have enough market for a content that you do not currently have.

Define competitors

You should keep track of your competitors to ensure that you are not getting left behind. You can list all of your competitors in a single file. Take note of top ranking companies. You can also use programs like Keyword Difficulty Tool that can help you gain an insight about your competitors.

Learning from your competitors

Looking into your competition is more than comparing your title tags. You should also look into the product features which could make customers want to visit your website more. Make an effort to understand what your competition is selling and why customers love them. You can use your competition as a benchmark to improve your own products. Try to think creatively and look for ways to make your site stand out more.

Make a summary

Once you have created a detailed and well researched marketing guide for your client, you should finish it off by offering a short summary of the basic points that you think are necessary in improving their site. Also, you can include an explanation on the potential outcome if the client decides to follow your suggestions. Let them know how to make it attainable and provide them with the best tools that can help them attain their goals.

Strategy tips:

Here are some additional tips in wrapping up your report before handing it to your clients.

  • Use charts and graphs. Most clients will be happier if you hand them reports that include graphs and charts rather than handing them a report that is rich in words.
  • Reveal the top competitors you found. Most clients take their competition seriously. Point out the features and content which can make your client’s site more appealing to customers.
  • Provide a separate document which contains a technical assessment of the best SEO practices which you can use. Be ready to offer some recommendations that can address your major advertising issues. It is okay to offer more than one recommendation but avoid providing your client with overwhelming information especially if they are not that familiar with SEO.